Harmony 895 First Impressions



Submission by Neil Ball – I decided to try out the Harmony 895, ordered it yesterday from Komplett (great price) and it arrived today!! Only one euro plug adaptor supplied but a quick email has got them sending another for the RF receiver.

It’s taken me around 3 hours to get it programmed – 95% operational within 30 minutes or so and then the rest for tweaking/adjusting the operation/buttons to exactly how I like them.

No issues with the software/comms so far – just popped in the CD and away it went. Some of the settings did take a little while to find (Sky+ key repeat setting) but still very straightforward and without any “programming” or graphics editing.

I bought it primarily to see how it compared in operation to my URC MX-3000 colour touchscreen and I have to say I’m impressed so far. Much easier to use than the touchscreen because of the tactile feedback form hard buttons. I’ve still to work out how to program some macros now to enable easy region change on my DVD player and then it will be at 100%. So nearly fully working without any manuals or steep learning curves. Database included all of my kit including stuff that was not in any previous manufacturers database.

I’ve no need to use the RF side just now as everything is in line of sight. I’m expecting my wife to be impressed later when she tries it out (she’s never liked the touchscreen – looks pretty but lack of tactile feedback on where the buttons are has put her off). I expect I’ll be packing the MX3000 away at the weekend!

So thumbs up to Logitech & Komplett, could not be happier

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