IR Remote Manager v1.3

Submission by Dan Toma – The version 1.3.x of the standalone application and of the AutoM8it plugin is available at the following addresses: :

You can download the application for free.  I have updated the web page and the online help. What's new in this version?  A lot of work these days together with Frank and.. I hope to be
something interesting for you.

What's new in the version 1.3.x? Just a "small" list..:-))  – windows installer/uninstaller available for both versions – new, optimized web interface as a small CGI script which can be integrated in your own Web application as a separate frame

  • full support for all known generic infrared protocols ( NEC, SONY,RC5)
  • full support for the FirM interface (Frank's infrared zoning device).. see for full

details abbot this interface

  • autocalibration for the PROCDELAY parameter
  • fully automatic command decoding, no matter the protocol used
  • autocalibration for pulse length (T)
  • REPEAT and GREPEAT parameters automatically detected from recorded command
  • the possibility to send a newly recorded command before save it
  • Recorded as new virtual protocol/command used to send a command before save for test purpose and to automatically define a new protocol
  • IRMouse support as infrared input interface (DCD inversed interface)
  • automatic checking of correlation between REPEAT and GREPEAT when a new protocol is build
  • new DLL with improved precision timing
  • ComList backcolor depend on port status
  • BEEPON – new parameter in config file – enable/disable sounds
  • program exit if errors in the configuration file
  • new command can be edited from the CodeStr Text Box before send
  • a new parameter in the configuration file RC5TOG – Boolean value –
  • toggle bit for RC5 protocol
  • no more bincode Text Box
  • description for the new or edited protocol is now available in GUI
  • no more PULSE1MAX parameter
  • no more PULSE0MIN and PULSE1MIN as protocol parameters
  • change for all PULSEPOL to GPROT
  • auto detect and display the protocol, no more need to select the protocol before detecting the command
  • PROCDELAY can now be modified from the graphical interface
  • REPEAT contains now the number of Ts between sequences and/or G bits or 0 if no repeat
  • change Binary protocol to Template Protocol

.. and a lot more … try and see.. Enjoy the infrared world!  If you find any bug or you have suggestions to improve the application, please send me a mail.
Thank you all,

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