IR/RF Recording Playback for Dummies

From the newsgroup – “I’ve added a very preliminary page to my web site explaining a simple and inexpensive method for recording and playback of any IR or RF code.

My main interest was in finding an inexpensive way to do this for those with severe disabilities who are confined to wheelchairs and use a laptop to control their environment but this should also allow for control of the Ninja camera mounts using .WAV or .MP3 files. It will also allow sending IR and RF to control ceiling fans, air conditioners, drape controls, etc. from any PC with a sound output”… I will modify CodeGen, which I created to generate x-10 and other IR & RF codes for Prontos, OmniRemote, PDA-ir, RedRat2, etc. to allow the direct creation of .WAV files, as well.

I’ll add details as time permits over the next couple of weeks. EDV will be stocking components for DIY. I will design IR modules that EDV will manufacture for the disabled community.

DISCLAIMER: Read the page at your own risk. I refuse to be held liable for anyone who dies laughing at the simplicity of the method.

See the “IR/RF Recording/Playback for Dummies” link from the main page at Dave Houston’s Site

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