Nevo SL Universal Wi-Fi Remote

“The Nevo SL features a 3.5-inch LCD display, built-in Wi-Fi, 17 configurable buttons, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, and runs on the Pocket PC platform using its proprietary Nevo universal remote application.

Looks like we’ll have to wait until CES in January 2005 for complete specs. Until then you can fantasize on how you would use a Wi-Fi remote to control thousand of devices from any location in or outside the house. And if Nevo will be using its Nevo 2.0 application in the Nevo SL then users should have a suite of network features.

  • Auto-discovery of UPnP-enabled players and servers on the network so users can easily display and play back digital pictures, music and videos
  • NevoMedia Server™ and NevoMedia Player™, which support media downloading, streaming and playback from Windows XP-based PCs
  • NevoBackup™, which safely stores all device setup and user configuration information
  • Nevo Universal Home Control, which transforms any electronic display device into a sophisticated, easy-to-use, wireless home controller


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