New Automation System from Monster

“From the maker of the biggest brand in cables and TV screen cleaners comes a monumental home control product, three years in the making, with the help of 40 fulltime engineers. Monster Cable’s new automation platform goes way beyond Z-Wave remotes and lighting controls.

Home Theater and Lighting Controller 300
featuring OmniLink – The Monster Home Theater AVL300 is a reference-level multi-room controller that for audio, video, lighting and any other remote conntrollable device. It works through walls, ceilings and floors, thanks to its built-in RF wireless technology. This feature gives consumers whole-house control, even for multi-zone systems.

Home Theater Controller 100
The Monster Home Theater Controller 100 replaces and exceeds all your existing remote controls. It commands even the most elaborate A/V systems, but is simple enough for the whole family to use. Activity buttons send multiple commands to multiple devices automatically, creating true one touch control.



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