New Pronto RU950 Now In Stock

Lets Automate have just had their first delivery of the new £250 RU950 Prontos!

"The RU950 has an improved 320×240 pixel 3.8" display with 16 gray scales that allows you to create much more realistic buttons and pictures. The bright true blue backlight that lights up both the LCD and all hard buttons ensures perfect operability in the dark. The built-in light sensor switchs the backlight on automatically, while after the adjustable time-out the light will smoothly fade off. The Digital Contrast Control is always directly available to adjust the LCD-contrast.

A total of 19 hard buttons are available to perform basic functions: The channel up/down, mute, volume up/down buttons are conveniently located at the right side of the LCD. Of the four buttons below the LCD three can be freely assigned and labeled. The 4-direction cursor key can both be used for controlling devices by infrared or navigating through the devices and pages on the LCD". The four buttons around the cursor are freely programmable. On the left side there are the page up/down and the backlight key.

The RU950 has the latest available infrared codes in its universal database featuring more than 500 brands and the latest products like TiVo and X10. But in case your exotic amplifier or hard disk recorder is not listed, you can still learn the codes by copying your existing remote control*.

In case your equipment is hidden behind a closet or is located in another room, you just switch the Pronto to RF (optional RF Extender required).

One of the strongest features of Pronto is its configurability via the included USB-cable to the PC. The software package ProntoEdit Release 5 will bring you besides the features in Release 4 new functionality to help you creating your configuration file, now called PCF (Pronto Configuration File)

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