New Remotes on Video

Daniel Tonks has just released another of his excellent videos, this time featuring new remote models from the CES2007 show…

“Today I’m very pleased to (finally!) present our eleventh video, namely Remote Central’s CES 2007 Tour. At just over 8 minutes in length this video not only highlights new and soon-to-be-released universal remote controls, but it also gives you a little taste of what it’s like to be at CES.

There are an incredible 19 remotes featured this year, including the TV Compass WiFi Universal Smart Remote, the Sunwave SRC-3060 and SRC-3200, the Philips SRM7500 and SRU8010, the Soundgraph iMON for ALL, the Interlink SideLink, the Remote Solutions TSR800, a sneak peak of URC’s R70 and Complete Control MX-810, plus a whole lot more.

You’ll find links to three versions of the video on our CES 2007 report page, starting with a “small” version for dialup users, followed by a “medium” version for broadband users, and finally there’s an “HDTV” version in full 720p high definition glory for extreme broadband users who want the ultimate quality experience! This is our fifth video produced in HD so far, and I hope you’ll also have to time check out some of the others!”

Download the Video Here –

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