New Sony RM-NX7000 Remote

From Remote Central…

"At a recent dealer show in Paris, Sony publicly revealed some preliminary details on their next top-of-the-line remote control, the RM-NX7000….The RM-NX7000 is a new touchscreen learning remote control with full graphical color TFT display supporting vibrant 16-bit color. It features a PC-editable user interface, USB connectivity, a Sony Memory Stick slot for expandability, clock and timer functions, plus "games and website links".

It sports 7 hard buttons for menu navigation control, 6 buttons for volume/mute and channel/recall, 4 buttons for remote navigation, plus 5 auxiliary buttons. The tentative price is listed at £499 (approximately 799 US Dollars), with availability reported as this coming August".

The photo you see here is a wood mock-up unit, so that is not a real screen or current example of the user interface. Since the remote is still some ways off, details for now are quite spotty. I'll be updating with new information as I receive it.

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