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News from the Webs greatest Remote Control site. “Pronto happenings…Sure, it’s taken a few months, but I’ve learned that a firmware upgrade for the Pronto TSU2000 should – finally – be released any day now (although we’ve been told this before, it now sounds more definite). This upgrade will help anyone who has somehow managed to corrupt their TSU2000’s firmware or flash the wrong version on it. On the same thread of “soon”, ProntoEdit v2.0 should also be released within the next few weeks, but don’t quote us on that one!

Pronto.ini Workshop…Having problems with your pronto.ini file? ProntoEdit 2.0 claiming you don’t have one? Want to change the memory size for your RU940 remote, enable developer mode to copy hex codes, or add all possible font sizes? Well, since manually editing the file isn’t exactly for everyone, I’ve created a little utility that should help if you want to quickly make any of these changes – Pronto.ini Workshop. Although I was originally planning to do a simple DOS text-mode utility (and did in fact finish one), I decided to instead jazz it up a little… but as this is my first attempt at anything besides web development, please let me know if it does anything strange on your system. This’ll work with Pronto TS-1000, Pronto RU890, Pronto TSU2000, Pronto RU940, Marantz RC5000 and Marantz RC5000i remote controls and supports all version of ProntoEdit and RC5000 Setup to date.”

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