“ProntoLite turns your Palm-based PDA into a learning remote control. Control up to 10 A/V Devices – With ProntoLite, your PDA can simulate the keys from up to 10 remotes,including TV, Cable, Satellite, Receiver, DVD, VCR, CD, Tape, and more.
Multiple Device Screens for Maximum Control

Device screens are preconfigured by Philips, so there will be a softkey corresponding to the hard keys on most popular remotes. New Use for Infrared Port – and for your Palm

Palm-based PDA’s feature an infrared communications port, primarily used to “beam” contact information and other data from your Palm to a friend’s or colleague’s. ProntoLite enables this port to simulate the signals of hundreds of audio/video remotes. Use ProntoLite with your Palm to control devices in your home, your office — even control the TV in your next hotel room.

Easy Learning

Customizing the software is easy. Using Learn Mode, you teach buttons on ProntoLite device screens (“soft keys”) to send the same signal as the corresponding buttons on your various remotes. Switching to Use Mode then lets you send signals for each learned soft button.

You can even train the hard keys on your PDA (like the Calendar key) for the most frequently used controls such as TV volume up.

Limitations of your PDA

Palm-based devices feature a special type of infrared, based on the IrDA protocol, which is optimized for low-powered transmissions between Palm devices over a short distance. Most remotes use a different form of infrared signal, sometimes called “Consumer IR,” which is higher powered and has a wider range. For some Palm-based devices, especially older models, the range of the IrDA signal will not be adequate for your application. For this reason, we invite you to try our 15 day free evaluation.


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