ProntoProEdit gets Upgrade

Philips has released a new version of ProntoProEdit – v3.4. Although actual program changes are minor, the most important reason to download this update is the firmware upgrade file which will update the remote to SYS v1.1 and APP v1.3 (I’m aware that some remotes have been shipping with SYS v1.2 and APP v1.2 and am seeking clarification on this).

Fixes incorporated into this firmware include:

o The file upload problem, where files larger than 1000kb would not upload from the ProntoPro
o Symbols are now available on all font sizes, meaning that the far left and right hard buttons can finally be labeled with anything you like, and
o A fix to the IR/RF alias issue, where buttons aliasing other devices would not pick up the correct mode of communication. This does not include a fix for the no RF on the home page issue, however one is being worked on.

Of note, this is the third released version of ProntoProEdit so far – and for the first time ever, it is no longer considered “beta” (AKA “unsupported”). Anyone with concerns should be pleased to see that Philips is committed to supporting this platform, albeit at a slightly slower pace than some might like!”

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