Proton iRemote iR800 Review have a new remote review now on-line – “Today I’m pleased to present a full review of the Proton iRemote iR800 universal remote control. Although this may be the first remote we’ve seen from Proton, some things are bound to be familiar as Proton has contracted with the Taiwanese company Sunwave, who makes the Crisp Solutions UCommand brand of remotes along with several others.

The unique iR800 is a 16 device universal remote that features an iconic LCD touchscreen display and 24 hard buttons, with blue LED backlighting for each. You’ll also find full infrared code learning, loads of useful macros, built-in timers, easy menu-based programming and a whole lot more. To learn more about what this remote control can do and just how it does it, read our in-depth review which, as usual, is packed with photographs”… Read the review HERE

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