SoundGraph iMON Plus

New review on Remote Central for a new PC remote – “If you have a computer attached to your home theater, or if your computer IS your home theater, then you’ve likely hit upon a control issue: keyboards and mice just weren’t made with sofas in mind. The recently burgeoning PC remote control market brings us yet another entry guaranteeing easier control over multimedia functions: the SoundGraph iMON Plus.

The iMON Plus infrared PC remote control sets the bar more than a few notches higher by offering some of the most advanced software we’ve seen yet. There’s on-screen display, an unlimited number of program profiles, customized commands within all programs, punchthrough mode, macros, plus many integration elements such as a program launcher, task switcher, virtual keyboard and timer. There’s even a few more advanced features that may surprise you – and don’t forget the remote’s 17-way mouse cursor joystick!”… Read the full review HERE

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