Streamzap PC Remote Control have a new review… "Many big name computer makers have started selling computer systems designed to integrate with the rest of your A/V gear, by utilizing multimedia video cards, slim black cases, whisper-quiet fans and a bundled traditional remote control. Some high-end video cards and sound cards now come with computer-oriented remote controls. Even Microsoft has gotten into the game with Windows XP Media Center Edition, an operating system and remote control combination designed to be used in a central home theater hub….The Streamzap is actually a two-part solution: a remote control, plus a compact infrared receiver. Both ship together in one of those "just try to get it open" thick plastic bubbles, along with a driver CD and microscopic instruction booklet. The remote control is fairly average looking: narrow, ergonomically curved and solid black. The infrared receiver is a compact wedge shape that should slip unobtrusively into any available nook…."

Read the full review here… Remote Central

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