Total Remote for Pocket PC

Submission by Keyvan Rahimian – Total Remote¹s unique Infrared Transmitter Module (ITM) allows you to control infrared devices from nearly 100 feet away. Designed specifically for Pocket PCs, it uses the audio port to send infrared commands to any device that can be controlled via IR. It¹s patent-pending design gives users up to 3 times greater range than standard remotes. The Total Remote software can also support built in Infrared ports (IrDA) at shorter ranges.

Total Remote comes with preinstalled profiles for hundreds of devices such as TVs, VCRs, DVD players and more. Users can easily add additional devices by downloading new device profiles or creating their own in learning mode. Total Remote can sample commands from your existing remotes and creates “virtual” remotes that look and function the way you want. The program also provides a set of skins that enable you to change the remote control appearance any time. Additionally new skins can be custom made by a user or downloaded from the internet Total Remote Website

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