TV – Football – Beer

Here at Automated Home we like convergence. We’ve seen our mobile phones and PDAs merge into one device, our computer are now our televisions too and now the humble bottle opener integrates into the remote…

“Simply Automate is giving you hands on control of the World Cup with the Philips 2006 World Cup Party Edition remote control. With this special edition remote control, you’ll be more than ready for the 2006 World Cup. It even comes with a bottle opener, scorecard and extra battery so you won’t miss a moment of the action. This innovative remote control has been designed with the following in mind.

  • Surprisingly flat remote
  • Dedicated keys for moving around menus
  • Low battery indication shows when to refresh batteries

Quick and easy set-up

  • Automatically searches for your equipment brand
  • Batteries are included for unwrap & zap
  • For questions and assistance call our URC service line
  • URC support service via dedicated website

The 2-in-1 for TV/DVD Universal Remote Control (RU1060) is priced at £9.95 excl VAT.

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