UltraMote Supports TOSHIBA e310 and e550G

UltraMote universal remote software is now available for the Toshiba e310 and the Toshiba e550G Pocket PCs, bringing to 10 the number of Pocket PCs supported by the award winning UltraMote solution.

Integrated remote control for most home entertainment devices, or anything controlled with an infrared remote, is now available across the Toshiba Pocket PC product line, ranging from the sub-0 (after rebates) e310 device, based on the Intel StrongArm processor, to the Xscale technology-based e740 with wireless Ethernet.

The UltraMote package lets Pocket PC users channel surf, control their DVD players, set up the VCR, control the audio, change the lighting, or control any number of tasks related to the home theater, at a fraction of the cost of many dedicated universal remotes.

Users can organize hundreds of original equipment remote buttons into home theater “dashboards” dedicated to specific activities, such as “watch a movie,” “listen to CD,” “record a movie” or other activities. Because UltraMote software has full learning capability, users can set it up without being connected to their PCs. UltraMote also can be customized to include a user’s personal graphics or symbols onscreen… With the built-in CF slot on most Toshiba Pocket PC models, users also can use the patent-pending UltraMote Extender to achieve home theatre-class range performance while retaining the thin, light profile of the Toshiba line.

“Our customers and reviewers applaud the integration and performance of the new Toshiba models, which have become the most popular platforms for use with our UltraMote package,” said Jim Kearns, president and founder of CardonWare, which produces the UltraMote package.

UltraMote software supports the Compaq/HP iPAQ 3100, 3600, 3700 and 3800 series; the AudioVox Maestro; and the Jornada 56x series, in addition to the Toshiba e310, e550, e570 and e740 Pocket PCs. The UltraMote Extender, which increases the device’s infrared range to up to 50 feet, is also available for those models supporting CF cards. Pocket PC Magazine recently nominated the UltraMote package as a Best Product for 2002.

UltraMote universal remote solution is available. There is a free, 14-day trial of the software available. The combination package of UltraMote software and UltraMote Extender card is priced at U.S. plus shipping. Software only is priced at U.S.


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