Universal Electronics announce Nevo

Universal Electronics (makers of the one-for-all series of universal remote controls) have announce a new product. Nevo turns a PocketPC PDA into a universal remote with its combination of hardware and software.

Nevo is an embedded solution that transforms any electronic display into a sophisticated and easy-to-use wireless home control and automation device. To get Nevo, you must purchase a device that is enhanced with Nevo…. o World-Class Library – Nevo uses Universal Electronics’ world-class database of infrared codes to ensure compatibility for the best user experience

o Unlimited Device Support – Nevo comes with the ability to support an unlimited number of devices for home entertainment and home control

o Touchscreen GUI – Nevo utilizes a touchscreen graphical user interface for simple setup and control of each device, showing only the keys needed based on typical user preferences and key mapping tools

o Wheel Based Navigation™ – Nevo has an engaging, spinning wheel to make selecting a device to control easy and intuitive

o Multiple Users – Nevo supports multiple user profiles to allow for customization of personal preferences

o Multiple Locations – Nevo supports multiple room profiles to simplify access to and control of devices in each room

o Activity-Based Macros – Nevo allows users to build macros, which allow for one-touch access to adjust settings on all devices needed to switch activities (i.e. “Watch DVD” or “Listen to Music”)

o Express Learning Feature – Nevo can learn functions from original remote controls

o Device Setup Wizard – Setup wizards guide users step-by-step to setup each device quickly and easily

o Favorites Page – Nevo allows users to graphically store favorite channel preferences and access them with one touch

o Web Support – MyNevo.com allows users to upgrade software, download new infrared device codes and advanced keys, download custom key graphics and network logos for your Favorites Page.

Visit the My Nevo website for more info.

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