Voice-Activated Remote Control

“Don’t lift a finger. Tell your technology what to do! Why bother with fiddly little buttons on remote controls when you can speak to your home entertainment equipment? Well, that’s what this stunning new voice-activated remote does for you. Its advanced voice recognition system is sensitised to nuances of language and regional accents, and ‘learns’ each user’s voice.

Suitable for TV, VCR, DVD, satellite/cables boxes and hi-fi systems, it allows 4 different users to program commands for up to 8 devices. A maximum of 54 personalised voice commands can be programmed, including ‘macros’ in which the remote is instructed to perform a whole lot of functions with one command. You can even talk your way around teletext! Set-up uses voice prompts to talk you through.”


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  1. how much american money? how can i order this?

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