Aviosys IP Power 9212 Review

Aviosys IP Power 9212

The Aviosys IP Power 9212 is an inexpensive way to add 8 inputs and 8 outputs to your home automation system that are network addressable either from your LAN or from anywhere in the world via the Internet.  Read on for the mini-review.

Submission by Joel Richards – At under £90 the Aviosys IP Power 9212 is a great value network based home automation box that allows 8 inputs and 8 outputs to be connected to the system.

You can check the status of devices using the embedded web server on the box, or by sending UDP packets to it, for use with devices like PIRs, door reed switches, toggles switches and Key fob receivers. One drawback to the inputs is that it only allows for on/off devices so it’s not possible to have analog sensors connected to the device, such as say a thermistor.

The outputs are simply relays that can be used to switch high or low voltage appliances.

After using the device for quite a while, the main drawback seems to be the rate at which you can poll it, which is limited by the network, although it being network based is obviously a plus.

Aviosys IP Power 9212

If you’re looking for a device that you can poll faster, and has analog outputs/inputs as well as digital, checkout Velleman, they provide a good range of devices that are suitable.

The current model of the IP Power 9212 is the IP Power deluxe, which features the following (on top of the standard model)

  • RS232 interface with pc
  • SMTP Alerts
  • GPRS interfacing with, Motorola V878. C550 and Sony Eriksson T630 . K700i
  • Time scheduling
  • The ability to set the inputs to wet or dry individually, before you had 4 wet, 4 dry (i.e. resistance input, or voltage required for the input)
  • HTTP Command line style control, with authentication
  • Dynamic DNS support
  • LAN Wakeup support

After contacting the manufacturer it seems there is potential in the future for a firmware upgrade that would allow the RS232 interface to be a device server, stay tuned.

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www.digidave.co.uk : PDF manual

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14 Comments on "Aviosys IP Power 9212 Review"

  1. Christophe | May 7, 2009 at 12:52 pm |

    I have bought such device in France.
    Although it is really very interesting at such price level, I still have 2 issues which are today not solved:
    – SMTP configuration. The alarm function doesn’t send any Email. After having contacted the tech-line, it seams that only few mail servers are compatible with it. If somebody has experience with mail alarm on such device I would be interested.
    – Sporadic problem of Web access. Sometime the system doesn’t recognize anymore my password. The box can be unreachable during some days and after it comes back.

    Except these 2 issues this device is very interesting.


  2. Hi Christophe,
    hm those issues are quite strange and possibly sound like a firmware issue? It’s worth updating the firmware, as I recall Aviosys release updates occasionally to address various issues.


  3. I try everything to make it work using DDNS (dyndns) without success.

  4. I bought one of these (9212, not deluxe) in Japan a couple of years ago, but could never get the thing to work. It would not show up on my network, and I was not able to figure out why.

    I’ve given up on the IP Power controller unit, but still think that the output unit (8 relays) could be useful in combination with a microcontroller. I’m currently experimenting with the mbed ( http://www.mbed.org ), which comes with both usb and network and could be a great replacement for the IP Power unit.

    Does anyone knows the pinout for the 25 pin connector on the 9202 Output unit?

  5. a.scheffer | March 20, 2010 at 1:54 pm |

    How can i use ipcam 9310 0n my minimac

    pls help

  6. can the control unit take inputs from the sensor unit and use that signal to turn on ouputs to the power module. eg use a magnetic contact to turn on a lamp

  7. The idea is great, but the product has some issues I just can’t get solved…

    Has anyone checked out National Control Devices?
    they can be found at http://www.controlanything.com

  8. These boxes are realy looking very nice. However the software inside seems very unreliable:

    1. The alarm email functionality does not work. I tried all the email providers/configurations as suggested on Aviosys website. I read a lot about this issue in several forums.

    2. The device is very slow/unreliable. It takes at least 250ms to read an input or to write an output. It is my opinion that 250ms is very slow, however once every 2 seconds it takes 400ms. About once very few minutes it even takes seconds to minutes. This is an issue of the device and has nothing to do with a limitation of the network as writen in the review.

    3. The example sofware to control the device on the CD continously crashes.

    4. I tried several times, however I did not get any support of Aviosys.

    Who has experience with other devices?

  9. My device seems to crash every few hours.. I need to reset the power then to get it to work again.. anyone have a similar problem?

  10. Paul Hammond | December 4, 2012 at 7:05 pm |

    I too have problems with the devices ( I have two) randomly locking up when accessed – usually after a few hours . Have upgraded to latest firmware which made no difference. Tried mains filters too , about to give up

  11. Hello
    I try different configuration for alarm email without any succes.
    Did some one succed in these alarm email configuration ?
    If yes, please help ….

  12. Paul Hammond | December 11, 2012 at 8:24 am |

    I seem to have fixed the issue with the deivce locking up – it seems to be browser related or mobile phone related.

    If i used Safari on my iphone it would lock up after a while. Using Mozilla, google chrome or IE on the PC seems fine.

    The fix for the mobile was to use Mercury browser app and set it to spoof internet Explorer. I’ve run it for several days now with no problems.
    Not tried alarm call so can’t comment

  13. Paul Hammond | December 11, 2012 at 8:26 am |

    Neil Brady -No it can’t do that

  14. I’ve written an Android app that can control these devices, as well as reading the status of the inputs. It’s called PowerIP and is available on Google Play here: http://bit.ly/14lr6lG

    In relation to Neil Brady’s question, I think the answer is yes. I’ve posted the manual for this device here: http://bit.ly/12MqmI7 Have a look at page 24 of the PDF. Filling in that grid allows inputs to control outputs.

    I’ve been running three 9258S’s for a number of years now and haven’t experienced any reliability issues. The latest versions of Internet Explorer don’t get on too well with the devices, but they work fine with Firefox. I control them mostly with my app, which is much more responsive than going through the full web based interface.

    If you’re having trouble with the e-mail functionality, in my experience it’s usually the network/email config. In particular, make sure the DNS server is configured correctly in the network page – without that it cannot resolve the e-mail server address.

    The other problem you sometimes come across is that the Aviosys devices don’t support encryption for sending e-mail. So if you’re trying to use it with a public e-mail provider that mandates encryption (e.g. SSL/TLS) on outgoing SMTP servers, it’s not going to work. You need to find a provider that doesn’t need encryption, and it will work ok.

    Hope this helps!

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