Domia Bye Bye Standby Online Review

Bye Bye Standby Online

Martyn Henderson has just published his review of the new Domia Bye Bye Standby Online unit.

This little £50 box connects your home to the Internet, allowing you to control your lights and devices from anywhere with web access.

“When I first got my hands on this, I couldnt believe how simple they have made this. I think anyone who wants to add a bit of ‘remote control’ to their home or office could easily handle this with *no* need for us propellor-head technical people (eek!)

The controller connects to the BBSB online systems via your broadband connection, and sits ‘heartbeating’ with their site every 20 seconds, as well as listening for BBSB/Domia radio signals ‘in the air’ around your home”

Buy Bye Bye Standby Units Here  : Read the Full Review here

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