Futronix Enviroscene 410 Lighting Controller – Review

The Futronix “Enviroscene 410” Lighting Controller is a feature packed unit capable of controlling up to 16 circuits of lighting either by wall mounted keypads, infrared remote control handsets or by a computer.

It has the ability to store 20 preset scenes of lighting which can also be timed or linked to external sensors. The basic unit contains the control circuitry for all 16 channels and is based around a 40 pin microcontroller. There are 4 channels of dimming built into the unit, each of which is capable of controlling a 10 amp load which can be tungsten, tungsten halogen, low voltage, high frequency fluorescent or neon.

There are low voltage control outputs which follow the industry standard 0-10V where 0V is Off and +10V is full brightness. This allows the connection of additional dimmer packs for channels 1-16. Using this method means that there is virtually no limit to the size of load that can be controlled.

The keypads fit a standard UK single gang box of 35mm depth. At the bottom left hand corner of the switch is a red window behind which is located an infrared receiver and a 2 digit LED display. The display shows “oF”, “on”, or 1-20 for the relevant scenes. The keypad has 5 buttons which are

  • OFF Turns all lights Off
  • ON Turns all lights full On
  • 1 Selects Scene 1 directly
  • Up Arrow Increment Scene number
  • Down Arrow Decrement Scene number

Each of the scenes is directly selectable using the Remote Control Handset.

The remote control is also used to program the system. From the handset individual channels are assigned to different zones, the brightness of each channel is set along with fade times for the different scenes. Each of the keypads is also programmed to assign it to a particular zone. By means of the zoning feature it is possible to use the Enviroscene to control several rooms.

Additional features include the ability to interface the Enviroscene 410 to a PC, direct contact closures and PIR detectors and/or Fire Alarm panels to set the lights to full when the alarm sounds.

This is a well constructed unit with substantial heat sinking on the triacs which should provide years of trouble free service.

See also the review of the P410’s little brother the P400.

Approximate Prices
£495.00 for the Enviroscene 410
£116.00 for the WHITE Keypads
£129.00 for the BRASS Keypads
£138.00 for the S.STEEL Keypads
£39.50 for the Remote Control Handset
For other prices contact Futronix direct

Available From
Futronix Ltd
Unit 11
Charterhouse Works
Eltringham Street
SW18 1TD


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