Marantz RC-2000 – Review


Wooho! ! Beam me up Scotty! I think these pictures speak for themselves. This is one awesome remote. You can control up to 10 different devices with this one.

It has 64K of memory on board (remember when that would have been a PC!). The unit comes pre-programmed with the Philips remote tables but it is primarily a learning unit.

It has all the usual stuff including space for 4 different macros of up to 20 steps each. The biggest attraction from a Home Automators point of view is the back lite LCD display with programmable titles for up to 320 functions.

So…now a button can actually read "BED" instead of trying to remember that on your One-For-All bed mode is Aux then Fast Forward.

Thanks to Jerome O'Donohoe for his help in tracking down a Marantz RC-2000 in the UK! I recommend this one!

The improved Mark II version of the RC-2000 is now available. Here's an quick review from James Traynor.


I have just received the new mk 2 version of this remote. I thought I'd drop you a note saying the exact details of the extra bits.

  • Dedicated up down channel buttons
  • Non volatile RAM. No losing the memory when the batteries fail
  • Button beep
  • All buttons are reprogramable for each device
  • Supports HF 1.125Mhz IR
  • Macros now support the LCD page turn buttons
  • The coolest backlight in the world

I have found this very easy to use. It handled my CD changer with ease, something that one 4 all fell apart on. It's power output seems to be much stronger than all the remotes it replaced allowing it to work better from larger distances and under weirder lighting conditions. The layout of the buttons is excellent, when you pick the remote up your thumb ends up centered on the play button with all other buttons in easy reach. Problems? typing in names is a bit of slow process (3 letters on each channel number) and 4 AA batteries makes it a little heavy.

Approximate Price £150

Available From
Musical Images in Beckenham, Kent (0181 663 3777)
They've also got three other stores in London.
Thanks to Alex Kinch for this information

Also – Mark2 available from…
Kenne Electronics

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