One For All 4300 Remote – Review

This One For All 4300 universal IR remote controller contains the X10 codes to work with the Powerhouse IR controller. It can control up to 6 devices and is upgradeable over the phone.

This is an excellent system! I have had a few universal remotes and I always avoided the non-learning type like this one because it never has all the codes in it you need. However when I bought myself a Yamaha AV amp early in 1996 I had to use the “phone upgrade” system.

You dial the free phone number and give them the make and model of your equipment. Then when instructed you hold your remote to the phone earpiece (I could just make out that “modem” noise as I held it there). Then – Hey Presto! it works. You can also program “macros” into this unit.

I recommend this one!

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