Review: Inateck BTSP-20 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A few weeks back we covered these little Bluetooth Suction Speakers for your bathroom as our useful gadget of the week.

Shortly afterwards, the guys from Inateck contacted us to see if we’d take a look at their brand new BTSP-20 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker and it arrived just a few days later.

In the box you’ll find the wireless speaker itself, a micro USB charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, manual and detachable suction cup.

This sturdy little fella looks smart in its black rubberised cube trimmed with orange and the design was a big hit with the teenagers in the Automated Home.  The enclosure is rated to IPX5 standard (protected against water jets), measures 8.5 cms x 8.5 cms x 4.5 cms and weighs 230g.

Down one side you’ll find the four control buttons – on/off/pair, answer/hang-up, volume up, volume down. On the other side, under a removable rubber cover you have a 3.5mm input jack (for connecting to equipment without bluetooth) plus the micro USB charging socket. The built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery takes around two hours to reach maximum capacity and provides up to 5 hours of continuous wireless playback.

The speakers Bluetooth 3.0 goes into pairing mode with a 6 second press of the power button (code 0000 if asked). Once paired we found it connected to our iPhone automatically after that, unlike some older bluetooth speakers we have that require manual intervention on the phone each time to connect.

Most of the time that is very handy. However we noticed that if the unit was already paired to another device that was present,  no matter how long you hold down the power button it will not re-enter pairing mode. You have to turn off bluetooth on the device thats connected before you can connect to a new device. The manual says there’s compatibility for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Inateck Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

One potential annoyance is the ease of which the unit can be turned off.  If you pick it up ‘the wrong way’ and inadvertently touch the power button it turns off straight away. A long press for power off would be a better idea.

Inatech says this is a stereo speaker but as you’d expect from something this size there’s no discernible channel separation. But that’s fine. The little speaker is gutsy for its size and its 3w output goes louder than you’d expect. On a test drive using the detachable suction cup in a power shower it was plenty loud enough to enjoy over the sound of the high pressure water. The 10M range also meant our phone supplying the tunes was in the other room and out of the steamy environment. There’s decent bass here too and the only speaker of this size we’ve heard that goes slightly lower is our JBL Micro Wireless, which is not water resistant.

The Inateck’s final trick is its built in microphone with noise reduction. Along with the dedicated phone button you can use it as a hands free speaker phone. Paired with your phone or laptop you can use it with Skype or your favourite VoIP app too.

We found the Inateck perfect for duties around the house (in the shower) as well as in the car, at work and even in the great outdoors.  The BTSP-20 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is available now for around £30.  Check out the video below.

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  1. Christina | July 18, 2014 at 2:42 am |

    It looks great ! Worth to have one during outside trips..:)

  2. You can make the speaker disconnect from the currently connected device and enter pairing mode by holding down the call button (which also doubles up as play/pause).

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