Review: IP Control of Your IR Gear with Global Caché iTach IP2IR

Expensive dedicated universal remotes are increasingly going the way of the dodo in all but the most bespoke of smart homes.

The proliferation of touchscreen smartphones and tablets coupled to the growing number of devices that can be controlled by IP means they are becoming less relevant.  But IR control is still a requirement in most home setups and the Global Caché IP2IR is great way to bring all that into the IP world.

What’s in the Box?

Here’s photo we took of the box unpacked.  The tiny  little unit (3.25″ x 2.25″ x 1.25″) contains a web server for configuration through your browser (10/100 Ethernet port).  The unit has 3 Independent selectable IR outputs or sensor inputs using 3.5mm stereo jack connectors.  The kit includes 3 IR emitters plus 1 IR blaster (supported on 3rd IR port).  All configuration is carrier out through TCP/IP set up commands.  Power comes from the included Mains Adapter or from a 5v USB source with the lead also included.

Global Caché iTach IP2IR

How Do You Use It?

Connect the unit to your network, plug in the IR emitters and attached them to the item to be controlled.  The Global Caché hardware is supported by a multitude of software including Roomie RemoteiRule, Demo Pad and Indigo.

Roomie Remote App

Once connected to your AV setup or other infra red device you can then use your iPad / iPhone / Android device / etc as a universal remote control.  Now you are no longer reliant on IR and its line-of-site handicap, you can control that Sky box downstairs from the upstairs bedroom, or from a Web Browser the other side of the world for that matter.

Global Caché iTach IP2IR Diagram

There are several Windows applications availabe from Global Caché. The ‘iHelp’ software simplifies network discovery and setup of the unit.

‘iLearn’ allows you to capture and playback IR commands for control uses and will also convert between Global Caché and Hex (CCF) formats.

There are also Mac OS X versions of iHelp, iLearn, iTest, and iConvert

A full API is available meaning you can write your own custom apps and software to integrate the IP2IR into your own system.

In addition to the IP2IR is the Power over Ethernet (PoE) version (IP2IR-P) and the Wi-Fi version (WF2IR). The Global Cache IP2IR is available for around £110.

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