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I’ve had some problems with my TiVo signaling the Sky Digibox. I’m using a Pyramid affair to control TiVo from the bedroom upstairs and these seem to be notorious for sending out spurious IR.

This noise then interferes with legitimate signal between TiVo and the Sky box. So, I decided to try one of the new RF2Links from PaceLink.

The RF2Link is a “hard wired” solution that takes the IR output on the back of TiVo and inserts it into the Sky Digibox on its RF2 connector in the same way the Sky TV Link IR extenders do.

Installation is a 2 minute job. Insert the mini jack into TiVo’s IR output port on the back, then plug the other end into RF2 on your Digibox. You then go into the Sky setup menu and turn on the power to RF2 (this is provided for the TV Link system, but will happily power the RF2Link too).

The “Spaghetti” Shot
Make sure TiVo’s “blaster” IR is switched off. Choose the code that works best with your DigiBox from TiVo’s STB setup routine.

TiVo and Digibox working in perfect harmony
I’ll be keeping an eye on TiVo’s recordings from the Digibox in the coming days and weeks and I’ll update this review with my findings. Fingers crossed this has solved the problem.

Price £29.99 inc VAT and UK Delivery

Available From Pace Link

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