Useful Gadget of the Week : Add a Headphone Socket to your TV for Under £5

Scart to Headphone Adaptor

For whatever reason many manufactures don’t seem to think people put even a 32″ HD TV in their bedrooms these days.  We’ve seen many flat-screens with a huge range of inputs, but missing a vital headphone socket.  Many insomniacs rely on their wireless headphones to maintain marital bliss in the bedroom and so this can be quite a problem.  After being called in to look at just this situation for a family member it turns out there’s a simple, effective and inexpensive solution.

The SCART to 3.5mm headphone socket isn’t exactly a common beast but it is readily available from the usual suspects including Amazon and eBay.  A relic from the analogue world, the slightly less than loved SCART socket is usually both an input and an output meaning its a perfect way to pull the audio out of a telly lacking a headphone socket.  Less than £5 and 30 seconds later our family member had their Sennheiser wireless headphones working on their new TV.  This digital home lark can be stressful at times, not least when matrimonial harmony is on the line.  But once more tech saves the day!

Adaptor from Amazon  :  Adaptor from eBay  :  Sennheiser wireless headphones

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5 Comments on "Useful Gadget of the Week : Add a Headphone Socket to your TV for Under £5"

  1. Paul Gordon | April 11, 2011 at 8:30 am |

    Confused…. – I don’t suppose plugging this in mutes the main speakers does it? – certainly on any kit I’ve got/come across, plugging in a SCART lerad to one of the SCART sockets doesn’t mute the speakers… So whilst it will certainly help with aloowing the use of headphones, I don’t suppose it will help much in the “marital bliss” department…

  2. Huh? You see that “Volume Down” button on your remote Paul – use that to turn the telly right down (which has no effect on the line level audio coming out of the SCART to your headphones).


  3. Anyone know of something similar that will work with bluetooth headphones?

  4. You would probably need to look for a converter that accepted a standard phono jack and output a bluetooth signal.

    Wireless headphones are usally a cheaper option.

  5. I have bought one of these adaptors to connect a set of wireless headphones but it doesn’t seem to work. Headphones work fine plugged straight into TV. Any suggestions?

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