Useful Gadget of the Week: EasyAcc 5 Port 25W USB Charger

Submission by Tim Fletcher – You know that irritating situation when you know exactly what you want but can’t find it anywhere, well that is the problem with travel chargers.

It’s not difficult, but I want a small, cool unit that will charge the 3 or 4 devices I take away with me when travelling – especially with the family or when away with the boys (where the accommodation might not be of a very high standard and plug sockets are at a premium). Sounds simple doesn’t it, well trust me, it’s not quite as simple as that – look at what I have amassed in my attempts

USB Chargers

None of these really cut the mustard. Well, at last my search is over.  Enter the EasyAcc 25W 5 port USB charger.

EasyAcc 5 25W Port USB Charger

It is simple, elegant and well made, it doesn’t bleep or flash, it just has 5 USB ports offering 2x 5V 2.1A , 1 x 5V 1.3A, 2 x 5V 1A and judging by the boings my iPad makes it doesn’t seem to matter what is plugged in where. Best of all it has a figure of 8 plug which makes it great for taking overseas.

Fifteen quid delivered from Amazon and you get 2 iPads, 8 inch Galaxy Note, S4 and S3 all charged at the same time. To quote a certain smoking jacket wearing close relative of the mongoose, “Simples”.

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5 Comments on "Useful Gadget of the Week: EasyAcc 5 Port 25W USB Charger"

  1. The Anker 40w is far better because the ports are auto switching. This means you can plug anything into any port rather than having to use specific ports for best charging performance according to the gadget you choose.

  2. To be honest, the Anker 40w is miles better! I strongly recommend it.

  3. I got this EasyAcc charger for traveling for quite a long time, still working very well, recommend it deffo.

  4. Phil Harris | May 3, 2014 at 3:33 pm |

    I got the Anker 40w too and it’s fantastic when in hotel rooms in conjunction with a handful of short 30 pin and lightning cables – I have a work and personal iPhone (4S and 5) and work and personal iPads too (an iPad, Ipad Air and iPad Mini) and you can just whack them all on and let it go … the 4 port PortaPow that I had would go into autoprotect and just cycle if you whacked too much on it and the 5 port Portapow (the other black one above) had to have the outputs carefully selected to ensure that the plugged in devices would charge.

  5. HotUKDeals – Anker® 40W 5-Port Family-Sized Desktop USB Wall Charger White or Black £17.99 with code LOVEDAD1, sold by Anker fulfilled by Amazon

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