Video: The Best Universal Remote You Can Buy

Last week Dan from The Verge proclaimed “a really good universal remote can really make your life a lot easier”, and who doesn’t want that right.

Juggling a bunch of remotes when all you want to do is watch some TV is a pain in the neck. A good universal remote solves this problem for you, and might even do some things you didn’t expect. We tested the remotes available to buy now and found the best one to get.

Their top pick is the Logitech Harmony Elite, a hub, remote and app combo that supports IR, Bluetooth, and smart home devices over WiFi.

If the Elite is a little too rich for you then their other recommendation, the Logitech Harmony 650, can still control up to 8 devices from its backlit keyboard and it’s a quarter of the price.

Check out the video below…

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3 Comments on "Video: The Best Universal Remote You Can Buy"

  1. Still waiting for the Neeo to arrive… it looks like a game changer.

  2. handyman Dimo | August 29, 2016 at 9:15 am |

    hello there, I’ve been doing tv wall installations for quite a while and I’ve seen one or two remotes and to be honest I’m really suspicious about both the 650 and harmony line. 650 is already outdated in functionality and I don’t think i.e. I would recommend it with any tv installation, because it does not really support many devices, then what’s the point? I have also checked the neeo TV control, suggested by Jamal, but that does look fishy to me as well. In my humble experience with clients, who have just installed a tv set, it’s all about comfort and at least for a while I think that the TV remote control will stay as dedicated device for the tv alone. Although the neo does seem to offer a lot of compatibility I know how often TV remotes are lost.. Would not want that with my universal control at all.

  3. At $350 plus tax and shipping, the Neeo isn’t going to be changing any games round here.

    At the usual technology exchange rate of $1=£1 that Neeo will be £420 with vat.

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