Wireless Remote Control (RT504) – Review


(The module tested is the US unit, this operates on frequencies that are not allowed to be used for this purpose in the UK. When using the module for testing purposes I've experienced no problems….YMMV).

The unit is the size of a small normal TV type remote. Just a little bit stubby!. It takes four AAA batteries.  (RT504)On the front there is the house code selector and a slider swtich to change the bank of 8 buttons from the range of 1-8 to 9-16. Below the bank of the 8 rocker switches is the dim/bright rocker switch.


The range is a good 25 metres, this will change depending on what house building materials are inbetween you and the receiver (TM751) The unit sends ON, OFF codes for each rocker switch. It will also send DIM, BRIGHT.

Approximate Price £24.00
Available From Laser

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