X10 2-Way Interface (TW7223) – Review


As the X-10 protocol is patented any non X-10 devices wishing to transmit or receive commands (like a PC or HA controller) must use an interface like the TW7223. The TW7223 is the CE approved version of the TW523 two way X-10 interface module. Mine was obtained from Laser Business Systems and arrived the day following my order.

Included in the package were 10 pages of technical notes about X-10 and the TW523. In addition there was a floppy containing 15 files of source code, shareware programmes and documentation.As my reason for purchasing the TW7223 was to interface to my HomeVision PC I haven’t explored the floppy as yet.

The suggestion in the notes was that a particular one of the two pins should be connected to live. So I opened both the TW7223 and the shaver adaptor to make sure I connected live to live.

Other things you need – Neither the HomeVision nor the TW7223 came with the required RJ11 to RJ11 cable to join them together. So it was a case of a trip to Tandy for a crimper/connector kit (£2.09) and some 4 wire cable (£3 ish for 4 yards).

The mains plug is of a continental type so Tandy also sourced a shaver adapter (Cost £1.59)

When making your cable you need to know that the cable is twisted so that if you view the two ends of the cable from above when they are in their RJ11 plugs the wires are

One End
White Green Blue Red

The Other End
Red Blue Green White

Approximate Price £36.43 Available From Lets Automate

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