X10 DIN Rail Appliance Module (AD10) – Review


Now available as a CE approved DIN style module. This is a x-10 controlled “cam type” relay switch. It has several controls on the front. The usual address setting and a override switch.  The override switch forces the module to off, on and automatic. Very handy for testing. There is a indicator status LED on the front as well. There are two additional wire inputs on the module. One is a pulse input allowing an external momentary switch to toggle the relay. The other is for a normal switch to do the same function.

The module isn’t two-way. Use of the override switch or the additional inputs will change the state of the switch without informing other X-10 equipment.Obeys ON, OFF, ALL-UNIT-OFF commands.

The unit fits easily into MK and Gewiss Din-type enclosures. Normal “top-hat” 35 x 7.5 mm rail.
Approximate Price £34.08. Available From Lets Automate

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