X10 DIN Rail Filter Module (FD10) – Review


Now available as a CE approved DIN style module. The FD10 filters out X-10 signals. Normally placed after a consumer units main isolator switch it will prevent X-10 signals from leaving your house and unwanted external X-10 signals from entering it.

It is fitted with the main live going through the module. A connection to the mains neutral. An additional terminal is for connecting to other FD10s to couple them together. For transmitting X-10 signals between phases.  I would recommend that the unit is fitted by a qualified electrician. especially in a multi-phase installation.

The unit fits easily into MK and Gewiss Din-type enclosures. Normal “top-hat” 35 x 7.5 mm rail.

Approximate Price £35.00.  Available From Lets Automate

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