X10 Stick-on Switch (SS13E) – Review


The slim stick-on wall switch, like the wireless keyfob, seems to be one of the new breed of X10 modules. New in that, at last, they look like they are 21st century consumer devices and not 19th century.

Only an amazing 7mm thick, this wall switch (SS13E) is truly thin. When stuck to a wall it gives the impression that it is the faceplate fronting a normal wall box, albeit a non-standard shaped one.

The switch operates in conjunction with the TM12 transceiver module on the new UK supported frequency of 433Mhz. It allows control of 3 circuits with ON, OFF, DIM and BRIGHT commands. The top three switches give the ONs and OFFs (push the left of the rocker for ON and the right for OFF). The two buttons at the bottom are for DIM and Bright. To operate these you first push the ON button of the circuit you want to brighten or dim…

Alternatively you could use the switch to fire up to six different macros (using a HA controller).

The transparent key covers snap off allowing you to insert one of the pre-printed labels that come with the unit. Alternatively you could print your own and have your keys display more meaningful descriptions like “Away Mode” or “Outside Lights” etc.

The switch will operate on any house code. You can also set the unit code with the proviso that the three addresses must be consecutive. So you can have (for example) A1 A2 A3 or B9 B10 B11 etc. See the scan of the instruction sheet below for information on how you set these codes.

Transmission range obviously depends on what’s between the switch and the TM12 but it should be within the region of at least 10 metres. The unit is powered by a CR2032 Lithium battery. Once the switch is stuck to the wall there is no need to remove it to replace the battery as the cell simply slides out the bottom for easy replacement. As yet I have no idea of the life expectancy of the battery but I will add this to the review when mine runs out. There are two double sided sticky pads on the back of the switch for attaching it to the wall. It would be nice to have the option to screw the unit to the wall to give a more permanent fixture.

At present there are no 2 or 3 gang replacement X10 wall switches on the market so the only way to convert a room that has one of these it to use this switch and go the wireless route. However this still leaves the often difficult problem of converting the circuits in the room to DIN Rail modules. Also, it would be nice to have singles and double switch versions available.

All in all though another great new product from X10.

Approximate Price £35.00.  Available From Lets Automate

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