Video: Robots – Friend or Foe?

Living With Robots is a fascinating new five-part video series from the Financial Times that explores the relationship between man and machine to see how this dynamic will really change our world in the years to come.

From bots that free us from the more menial and monotonous tasks around the home or at work, to the ones that use recent advances in artificial Intelligence to to take on more autonomous decision making roles.

But is it all good news? Some estimates put job losses due to robots at 5 million by the year 2020.There are more and more ”collaborative’ bots starting to appear in the work place, standing on the production line beside their fleshy human counter-parts. Are you worried you might lose your job to a robot?

The FT meets the robots and talk to the people already living with them and asks ‘Are robots good or bad for humanity’?

See where our future is headed by checking out part one ‘Living With Robots” and the links below…

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