Comfigurator Released

We reported on 28th February that the new Comfort configuration software (“Comfigurator”) was almost ready for release. Well today it has been.

“Dear All, the long awaited replacement for CS-Xpress is now ready. ‘Comfigurator’ is available from the following links: Download from Technical (password required for access) Purchase from Products This version requires a license to access type 1 UCM’s. A new UCM type (10) will not require a license as the cost of Comfigurator will be bundled with the hardware. The license is checked when attempting to perform any operation which accesses the UCM. The first time this occurs, Comfigurator will commence a 30 day trial period and a warning message will be displayed showing the number of days left. A license may be registered via the Help>Register License menu, which requires entry of a key and a name (i.e. the user’s name as specified when purchasing the license).”

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