Comfort Generation 2

Cytech Technology have just announced the new “Generation 2” version of their smart home security controller.

“Comfort Ultra II next generation Comfort controller now shipping! – The new generation of Comfort, denoted as Comfort Generation II has been in development for more than 2 years and is finally available through Comfort Home Controls.

New and Improved Functions

  • Full Duplex Intercom (works best with KP03, KP04, DP03)
  • Improved Reliability (better phone performance and ring detection)
  • Plug-On Ringer and Zone Expanion (RGR04 and LEM01-G2)
  • New Voice (with new ‘say word’ action)
  • 1023 Responses (same as Ultra)
  • New action logic (if/then/else branch instructions)
  • 32 Time Programs, 64 User Timers (was 16 Time Programs and 16 Timers)
  • X10 Received Responses – 16 Houscodes (was 1 housecode)
  • 15 RIO’s Support (was 8 Rios or Scene Switches)

New Comfigurator 2.0 version for Ultra2 (File System 34)
Comfort Gen. 2 has been designed almost from the ground up, with many new capabilities and improvements but will still be largely compatible with the old generation of modules and peripherals, allowing an easy upgrade path for existing customers and installations.

Improvements in reliability has been another key goal of the new design, many of users contributions over the years have been considered in this new design and as a thank you for your feedback we are offering you a 15% discounted upgrade path. This is both for Trade and Retail customers.

Comfort Gen1. Upgrade Path For those wishing to upgrade their old Comfort system we have put together an Upgrade Bundle. The new PCB will fit into the existing ‘UK supplied’ enclosure using 2 new brackets and we are including an RGR04 and LEM01-G2 which are also required for compatibility. Closing date for this offer is 1st June 2006.

Upgrade your old Comfort 1 PCB for £328.00 + VAT + shipping with our discounted Upgrade Bundle Offer saving you £69.00!”

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