Frigate is Open Source CCTV People Sensor, MQTT Integration with HomeAssistant

Frigate Open Source AI CCTV People Detector

Frigate is an Open Source CCTV People Sensor 

Blake Blackshear’s project on GitHub uses OpenCV and Tensorflow to perform realtime object detection on RTSP cameras with the Google Coral.

It’s also designed for integration with HomeAssistant or others via MQTT.

  • Leverages multiprocessing and threads heavily with an emphasis on realtime over processing every frame
  • Allows you to define specific regions (squares) in the image to look for objects
  • No motion detection (for now)
  • Object detection with Tensorflow runs in a separate thread
  • Object info is published over MQTT for integration into HomeAssistant as a binary sensor
  • An endpoint is available to view an MJPEG stream for debugging

Checkout the video and the links below…

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