GSMGuard 300

“GSMGuard 300 – The mobile alarm system that secures without a permanent telephone connection.

Place the GSMguard300 Unit in a convenient location in your home (or storage area, vacation home, garage, etc.). The alarm system is powered by the mains supply that is included or 9 Volts. Place a SIM card (not included) in the control unit. Attach the door/window sensors and monitor the provided siren (if desired). Once installed, you can use the GSMguard300 as a normal alarm system. In the event of an alarm, you receive an SMS. You can also test the alarm, temporarily deactivate the alarm or request a status report by sending an SMS. Extra wireless door/window sensors are available separately.

  • GSM alarm system with wireless sensors, can be controlled remotely
  • no need for a permanent telephone connection, warns from a mobile telephone number (prepaid or subscription)
  • ideal for the surveillance of:
    o distance objects (storage sheds, stables, chalets, etc.)
    o homes without permanent telephone connection
    o buildings in construction (where no telephone connection is available yet)
  • possibility to control lights and appliances in combination with X10 modules (for example activate the airconditioning or heater on distance)
  • 230V system, or 9V using an accumulator. The GSM-network is the only areal limit!”

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