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To celebrate the opening of its new online ordering system, Digital Cybermasters Ltd is offering visitors to its website the chance to purchase InControl Webcam Edition for just £39.95 – a massive saving of £10.


All you have to do to qualify for the discount is to order your copy of InControl Webcam Edition through the Cybermasters website. As an additional bonus,delivery is FREE!

InControl Webcam Edition is a low-cost software package that transforms a common home PC equipped with a webcam or WDM-compliant video capture card into a state-of-the-art home automation and security system. InControl Webcam Edition lets you view and listen in on your home LIVE across the Internet from anywhere in the world using your webcam and Internet account! Using sophisticated real time streaming audio and video technology, InControl Webcam Edition lets you see and hear from home as if you were there in person!

InControl lets you control domestic appliances within your home using the popular X-10 range of low cost home automation modules. InControl Webcam Edition will let you switch appliances on and off, fade lights and more from the comfort of your PC. What's more, you can even control of your home across the Internet! Using InControl's sophisticated home automation scheduling features, you can literally 'program' your home so that X-10 automated appliances switch on and off automatically when you want them to. Your home can even react to movement within it – if someone walks in front of your webcam, you can configure lights (or other devices) to switch on automatically and then switch off again after a specified period of time!"

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