New Hardware Webserver Addon for Comfort

It appears there are more interesting developments are in the pipeline for the Comfort home security/automation system.

"We should be shortly releasing a hardware module with a built-in web server and RJ45 network interface with TCP/IP) and Linux operating system. It is connected to the UCM just like a PC. Any PC or device on the network can access the webserver using a browser. Something like the ePod which has IE would also work. There is another RS232 port which can be connected to an external modem for dial-up access to the Internet without going through a PC. If you have a PC with a permanent internet connection, that can be used as a gateway for internet connection. Currently we are working on the documentation, and will give more details on this group as soon as we can. I believe Crestron touchscreens can also be linked to Comfort via their RS232 interface. We are also developing a UCM version which can send arbitrary strings to the Rs232 port."


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