Pay-as-you-go VoIP Alarm Monitoring Service

Submission by Steve Nutt – “NuttSoft Ltd has introduced a device called DigiNet that connects to any alarm system and sends its alarm signals over IP. It can send to traditional monitoring centres if they choose to support it, however, it has been designed to work with the Virtual Monitoring Centre in the UK.

DigiNet is a stand-alone PCB that can be interfaced to any Security / Fire/ CCTV / Medical system to facilitate the transmission of alarm signals over the Internet to the Virtual Monitoring automated monitoring service. It utilises a standard ADSL or other always-on connection.

At the monitored site, it interfaces to standard alarm panel communicator outputs via its 16 inputs, removing the requirement for an onboard modem in the alarm panel and the worry of incompatible protocols. It has 16 outputs allowing the monitoring centre or end user to remotely control other devices. The outgoing alarm messages and incoming control commands are handled by the Virtual Monitoring service and contacts are notified accordingly.

A watchdog mode is available, which allows DigiNet to monitor network connections and operate local outputs when failure is detected. This can be used to trigger backup signalling devices via PSTN, radio or GSM. Special interface software is included to configure DigiNet via a PC’s serial port. Network settings can be set manually or automatically obtained from a DHCP server (usually an ADSL router).

Features include:

  • 16 inputs for interfacing with communicator outputs or relays from standard alarm panels
  • 16 outputs for controlling local devices
  • Telephone connection not required (no call costs)
  • Uses existing ADSL router or cable modem hardware
  • Notifies Virtual Monitoring in response to alarms
  • Communicates with backup server if main server fails
  • Secondary alarm signalling devices can be triggered if internet connection fails
  • Faster response than conventional monitoring
  • 24/7/365 access to data
  • Pay as you go
  • VoIP compatible
  • Global Coverage”

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