Smart Home Week 2019 – Interview #1 Abbie Byrom from Samsung SmartThings

Abbie Byrom - Samsung SmartThings Interview

Smart Home Week is a marketing collaboration between industry stakeholders and it aims to “inform, educate and reassure UK consumers about the benefits and opportunities of living in a smart”.

In the lead up to this years events I attended the press forum in the RIBA in London where a panel of experts discussed the current sate of the union in regards to smart home tech.

That panel included Abbie Byrom, Director, Global Partner Marketing at Samsung SmartThings and we got some face to face time with Abbie to chat about integration, Zigbee, AI and the Connected Home tech that’s coming to your appliances.

So here’s AH0026, the first of 5 podcast interviews from last weeks event coming your way…

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Smart Home Week 2019

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