ACE Changes Coming

From Dan Hoehnen, President of Custom Automation Technologies…
“There are a few changes that will happen soon. First is a pricing change. All upgrades will now be , not . For the rest of January, I will honor the client upgrade fee currently on the web page. Starting Feb 1, it will be .

The max price of 0 has been removed. If you get 5 clients and ace-tts and ace-ms, the total cost is now 0. If there are any lurkers considering buying ACE, I will honor the 0 max until the end of this month.

This is not entirely in an effort to make more money. The 0 max is hard to configure for an e-commerce setup and has generated a lot of emails to me asking what the price is. And, for an upgrade is just not enough for the work I put into ACE.

ACE Server version 4 will be released 1Q 2002. At this time, I may increase the price, but to not more than . I may also include 2 or 3 clients with this since I really am not trying to raise the overall price of ACE. Again, the price increase is just a POSSIBILITY.

The reason for a possible price increase will be due to increased functionality in ACE Server. The plan right now calls for scheduling of actions (api commands), X-10 interface support (possible interfaces are: CM11A, PowerLinc, Firecracker, LynX-10, HV, Omni, Comfort, Ocelot, Stargate), and for non-X10 lighting support (ALC and possibly others). The scheduling will allow for very advanced schedules, such as “run this api command once every 5 minutes, only on every 3rd Tuesday of every month, only between 8am and 10am, but not on holidays”. The X-10 interface will allow for a common ACE api command to be used, but will be converted into the proper format for the selected interface. Thus, you would do something like this no matter which X-10 interface you have: aces:x10:a,1,on

I am currently investigating several scheduling and X-10 interface options so nothing is in stone at this point.

The web pages will also get an entirely new look and feel in 1Q 2002. This is to reflect the new business offerings and to address the complaints I have had over the years of the web site being hard to navigate and hard to determine what needs to be downloaded for each ACE module (which I absolutely agree with).”

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