ACE-Comfort has just been announced by Dan Hoehnen, President of Custom Automation Technologies, Inc. – “The beta version of ACE-Comfort is available for download. This program provides a nice graphical user interface (on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP) to Comfort. There is a keypad display that makes it just like being at any keypad in your house. Or, you can choose from 9 other displays in order to easily view/control X-10 devices, outputs, the security system, reminders, inputs, events, responses and IR. There is even a page that displays your home control menu in a hierarchical tree view so you can see graphically what your home control menu looks like.

ACE-Comfort connects using a serial port on your PC to a UCM. ACE-Comfort does not provide access to programming features. You still need CS-Xpress or Comfigurator for that. Two very nice features of ACE-Comfort are its ability to load and execute responses from a file, and to load and execute IR commands from a file. This essentially eliminates the limit of 32 IR commands and 255 responses. Two other nice features are the ability to name each input, output, reminder, X-10 device, keypad and door station. There is also a Zone Activity display that shows the last 100 zone events (zone name, month,day,time).

There is a 30-day trial that you can download from our web site. The trial period starts the first time the program is run, not when it is installed.”

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