Asterisk – The VoIP Solution for the Smart Home

The latest episode in the excellent IP TV series "Systm" has just been released for download. Essential viewing for all home automators it gives a good overview of the open source VoIP Telephony toolkit, Asterisk…

"Kevin Rose is joined by John Todd, a well known, leading Asterisk expert, to introduce you to the amazing VoIP (Voice over IP) world of Asterisk, the open source voip telephony toolkit. In this episode, Kevin and John take you through the installation and configuration of this powerful tool, and show how it can be used to give anyone complete control over their phone experiences, such as voice over wifi, eliminating phone costs, choosing from hundreds of VoIP providers, creating your own voicemail and menus, and numbers that follow you..just to scratch the surface.

View the Show & Notes for Asterisk edisode

Andy Powell's Guide to Asterisk



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