At Last – Refresh iTunes DB Easily

Now this is good! Our MP3 library is held in Node Zero on our Jukebox server (see how we built it HERE ). The music is accessed from a variety of devices including our Sonos system, Xbox media Center and iPods/iTunes.

One of the problems this creates is when a change is made to the collection (adding/deleting/renaming/tag editing etc) the changes aren’t reflected until an update is carried out on each system. With the Sonos it’s simple task of re-scanning the music folder, done in a couple of minutes. However with iTunes it’s a nightmare! So, am a really pleased to see this new free app available to basically do the “refresh” job with the iTunes database I’ve been looking for.

“As iTunes doesn’t provide a function to update / synchronize your music collection with it’s own database, I’ve written a small utility for that purpose. Well, you may use ‘Consolidate Library’ of iTunes, but this is a typical Mac’ish behaviour letting one application control almost your whole life. I don’t like that too much, so better let my app control your life… 🙂

I recommend to backup your iTunes database (‘iTunes Music Library.itl’ and ‘iTunes Music Library.xml’), just to be on the safe side. ”   [via eHomeUpgrade]

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  1. This is what i’ve been looking for! Thanks for this cool app. It works! 🙂

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