AutoM8it Full Release Version Now Available

From Autom8it

We are delighted to announce the official release of AutoM8it V1.0 application (framework). You can now download the 30 day trial, buy online, and even order the slick (black) CD version in a superb new DVD case design. This new release builds on the many features provided in the Beta and adds a whole host of extras, we are sure you will love it.

Updates and enhancements include: New Integrated Web Server

Redesigned web interface

New My Devices Screen

Conditional Event Processing

Event Delays

Updated application interface

New comprehensive help file

Enhanced X10 Device Triggers

Configurable X10 Device Types

Enhanced X10 Application Interface

Enhanced X10 Control Panel

Minor bug fixes and enhancements

As well as the following features:

Open, Extendable Plugin Architecture

Built in web server

Event Logging

Error Logging

Security Features – secure log in

Easy to navigate Modern User Interace

Intelligent Event Processing, single input event to multiple output events

COM interfaces – for 3rd party application access

Auto Component Updates


More details available from: Autom8it

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