AutoM8it Temp Sensor Plugin


" is pleased to announce the release of yet another plugin for the AutoM8it application.  The Temp Sensor plugin adds temperature monitoring capabilities to AutoM8it via the use of the (3145 – Computer Temperature Data Logger). The plugin graphically displays the temperature of all four sensors, plotting a history chart for the selected sensor. It also provides the ability to trigger events when certain temperatures are exceeded on one or a selection of the sensors.


On Screen realtime dashboard style display of all four temperatures
Temperature recording – may be exported to other programs
Triggers Events when a temperature is exceeded (can be set to watch for temperature above or below a certain value)
Single shot trigger, events can auto disable themselves after being triggered once
Configurable wait times, the events can be set to trigger at repeating intervals if the temperature is still outside the selected value





Full Details of the AutoM8it software can be found here:

Temperature Plugin (Note – AutoM8it are no longer in business)

AutoM8it (Note – AutoM8it are no longer in business)


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